Diversity In Corporate America

Creating An Internal Environment For Diversity

Creating a task force or diversity committee consisting of law department managers or other diverse legal professionals is a great first step. The objective of this task force should be to determine the best practices on how to create and execute diversity strategies. A diversity policy statement is important for the task force to implement. This policy can either be unique to a department or be a broader company policy. Make sure to include the definition of diversity and inclusion, the importance of diversity from a business standpoint, the strategies being followed to foster diversity and inclusion, the policy of the department to obtain outside counsel, and how the inclusion of diversity will be measured in this process.

Building a Brand Reputation For Diversity and Inclusion

Once a commitment to diversity is established, it’s time to build up the firm/company’s reputation. A powerful message must be sent out to reflect the company or law department’s commitment to diversity and their awareness of its importance. This visibility can be done through partnerships, sponsorships, recognition, and internships. Recognition can be achieved by applying for external awards that recognize your company and teams’ efforts.

Establishing Diversity Pipelines

Creating a database of important contacts such as diversity leaders, and diverse attorneys are essential. This database helps to better ensure and establish internal and external diversity. When positions open at your firm, work hard to make sure the candidates chosen are not only high-quality but have a background in diverse legal professions. Advertise for open positions in areas that are likely to attract diverse candidates. Do not allow interviews of potential candidates until your recruiters are properly slated with diverse individuals.

Developing Diverse Legal Professionals

It is critical that efforts are made to assist the department’s diverse employees in having an opportunity to succeed. In this effort to build diversity and inclusion in a law department, obstacles that women face should not be overlooked.


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